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drop a new work

if you want to take part in just drop your work here. your video should be no longer then seven minutes. the preferable media type is a quicktime movie.

title *
the title of the work.

your name *
your name or your artist name.

e-mail *
your e-mail address will not be published and will only be used for site-related communication. it will never be passed to third parties. you will receive an email as soon as your contribution was approved.

your website
we will not publish your website. if you desire to do so, you can do it using the comment space. please make sure that your use the prefix - http:// - for it to be automatically linked to your site.

length: up to 7 minutes
aspekt ratio: 480px x 360px
video format: mp4, mov, mpeg or avi
max. file size: 300 mb.

image for the website magazine cover.
aspect ratio: 800 x 600 px
image format: jpeg or png

hints on your contribution process
please keep in mind that your new contribution will not appear in the until it is approved by the editorial staff. after you have submitted your contribution you will see a preview page. you can use the buttons "edit" and "destroy" to edit or delete your contribution. editing is available until you leave the preview page. if you destroy your contribution it will be removed from the database and cannot be recovered.

all the works presented at dontneed, which includes videos, still images and text are the property of the artists and the presentation of the videos are copyright of © 2007-2023.

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